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        College Introduction

        Upon the approval of the Ministry of Education, Wenzhou Vocational & Technology College was founded through the amalgamation of Wenzhou Business School, Wenzhou School of Economics, Wenzhou Machinery Industrial School and Wenzhou Spare-time Technology University in 1999. Its history dates back to 1956. The college was funded by Wenzhou Municipal Government, and supervised by Zhejiang Department of Education. Now it is a national model of higher vocational college, a key higher vocational college in Zhejiang, an advanced organization of vocational education in China, and a pilot school of modern apprenticeship approved by ... [More]

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        Address: China's Wenzhou chashan Higher Education Park (Wenzhou University City) Tel :0577 577 -86,680,090 -86,680,000 Fax E-mail: wzvtc#wzvtc.cn(Please send # into @)
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